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Top 10 Smart City Solution Companies - 2019

Intro The global market for Smart City technologies is projected to reach 1.34 trillion USD by 2024, driven by the selfish exploitation of natural resources, the growing world population, and the ensuing search for sustainable ways to accommodate over seven billion people on the planet. Cities are becoming smart not just through the automation of day-to-day functions but also through how these functions can be monitored and analyzed for optimizing resource utilization, reducing costs, enhancing operational efficiency, and improving quality of life. Globally, engineers are turning towards new technology ‐ such as the 5G, Cyber-Physical Systems, and data analytics searching for new solutions and approaches that will enhance city transportation, water, and energy usage, waste management, and a host of other infrastructure issues that underpin the operation of cities and the lifestyle of urban citizens.

Smart cities, by their very nature, generate a significant amount of data in their daily operations. For example, Open Data and IoT are driving cities to collect and make available significant additional amount of data; some of it is static but increasingly large parts are real‐time. If managed and analyzed well, this big data can offer insights and economic value that cities and city stakeholders can utilize to improve efficiency and lead to innovate new services that will enhance the lives of citizens.

Cyber‐physical systems and the IoT are defined generally as the connection and virtual representation of physical devices to the Internet, and they are critical to the growth of smart cities. While many parts of the traditional city infrastructure have been monitored for many years, such as for water, electricity, and traffic, this monitoring was often using proprietary technologies and maintained as individual silos. The IoT has changed that situation radically. City infrastructures, some of which may have been traditionally monitored, are now being connected using open standard protocols such as HTTP and TCP/IP and made accessible through web technologies such as REST.

Companies have traditionally built out specific and siloed applications like smart lighting, surveillance cameras, or traffic sensors, but going forward they will begin to adopt a farther view and think about building up a necessary infrastructure to support all smart city applications. The onset of 5G networks will not only bring much faster speeds but also denser small cell deployments due to distance limitations with millimeter wave technology and ultra-low latency applications at the edge. 5G will foster new smart city applications like 5G small cell densification, waste management, parking, smart meters, public safety (surveillance cameras), traffic management, and coordination of departments for emergency services.

This edition of Govt CIO Outlook features companies that are at the forefront of offering smart city solutions. Govt CIO Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry. We present to you – “Top 10 Smart City Solution Providers – 2019”. 

    Top Smart City Solution Companies

  • Pioneered a decade ago, with a mission to make everything connect to create the customized technology experiences that customers needs. Alcatel-Lucent is a provider ofIP, cloud networking, ultra-broadband fixed and wireless access solutions for service providers. The innovation and dedication to customer success has made ALE an essential provider of enterprise networking, communications and services to over 830,000 customers worldwide. With their brillinace services, the company has made a global reach across more than 50 countries marketed under the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise brand

  • Chordant, the company passionate about innovation and uses a standards-based approach that stimulates thriving global ecosystems. The platforms provided by Chordant allows cities to enable their own solutions by consolidating, exposing and monetizing their data. The company works to provide unprecedented solution addressing the fundamental challenges in Smart City deployments. Chordant platform brings harmony to diverse devices, data and services. The company has proved their expertise by creating one of the largest Smart City deployments integrating hundreds of transport data sources

  • Based in Naperville, IL, Forecast5 Analytics was established in 2012 and since then is focused on building decision support tools for the public sector. The software development company works with more than 1,800 schools in 27 states, as well as, cities, counties, and community colleges providing decision support tools for public sector entities. The company assists government entities in developing financial plans, making financial and operational decisions and predicting how their decisions will affect finances years in the future

  • iCompass Technologies specializes in meeting and records management solutions for local governments that reduce agenda prep time by up to 50%. Their cloud-based software is designed to eliminate manual tasks in the meeting and records cycles that result in hours wasted by a local government's mostly highly paid staff. Their offerings includes Meeting manager that encompasses a full complement of tools to help clerks prepare agenda packets and items more efficiently prior to a council or committee meeting. Their solutions are developed with the public in mind ensuring information is more easily accessible online

  • Established since 2015, Intelligent Structure creates high performing structures for a safer and more productive world. Intelligent Structures provides an innovative end-to-end enterprise solution for bridge performance management. It is a Information system and decision support company allowing infrastructure executives to make fact based decisions. The company deals in commercial enterprise software systems, industrial automation, IoT, sensor networks and structural health monitoring. Intelligent Structure enables robust and effective leveraging of technology demands, proper policy and strategy

  • Using next generation technology solutions, LinqThingz create solutions solutions that detects a blocked railroad to avoid traffic congestion. The company is continually learning to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve quality and safety in industry. LinqThingz processes information from sensors and data streams using robust connectivity devices and learns about how processes are being performed. LinqThingz has a trainable sensor technology that uses a heterogeneous sensor array coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to differentiate trains from other objects and understand their position, speed, and length

  • An Avnet Company

    An Avnet Company

    Founded in 2006, Softweb Solutions Inc. has been delivering the best-of-breed AI software for IoT applications, along with providing data services and digital transformation to enterprises. The company is proficient in offering strategy, design, engineering solutions, and R&D services. The company's solutions and services span over an entire set of technology spectrum including AI, IoT, data services, congnitive services, Extended reality (XR), Microsoft services, and marketing automation

  • Brainbow


    Brainbow along with a trusted team of experts in mobility, engineering, business, and government relations designs Travelator. Founded in 2018, Brainbow designs fastest and high speed Travelator for urban mobility. The company is designed to safely accelerates users, with a user enriching experience. Brainbow improves mobility at a lower cost than any other mass transit systems. The company always uses the best-in-class technology to meet the urgent demands of the development Industry

  • DFI


    Founded in 1981, DFI provides high-performance computing technology across multiple embedded industries. Over the years, DFI provides quality management system to ensure high reliability, long-term life cycle, and 24/7 durability in markets including factory automation, medical, gaming and many other fields. Furthermore, DFI provides flexible small volume with high variety to large scale, cost-efficient production. DFI has helped customers upscale their business with innovative design and premium quality management system

  • Verra Mobility

    Verra Mobility

    Verra Mobility started in 1987 is a global leader in smart transportation. With a focus on making life safer, easier and more connected for customers, it provides customized technology solutions to solve complex transportation challenges. Extended to more than 15 countries, the company has an extensive partnerships with leading toll authorities, rental car companies and municipalities. They are positively positioned, well-diversified organization, and a recognized leader in the smart mobility space