iCompass Technologies: Enabling Governments to Work Together

iCompass Technologies: Enabling Governments to Work Together

Scott Neufeld, Director of Product Management, iCompass TechnologiesScott Neufeld, Director of Product Management
Government entities have been embracing newfound ways of interacting with citizens. But is that enough? Do they not extend the same courtesy to people working within the government? Opening new communication avenues to residents is necessary, but ensuring that those channels are available to break departmental silos is even more important in today’s connected world. Governments are on the lookout for solution providers that enable them to provide better collaboration between staff and transparency to their citizens, Enter iCompass, a Diligent Brand! “We provide a governance management platform for local government to reduce agenda prep time and eliminate manual tasks involved in the meetings. We ensure residents can access the information shared during the meeting online as well,” says Scott Neufeld, Director of Product Management of iCompass, a Diligent Brand. Neufeld emphasizes, “As part of the Diligent family of governance solutions, iCompass is the agenda management solution that provides customers with best-in-class security, top-rated customer support and constant innovation designed exclusively for the needs of state and local government.”

Advocating for strong data security, iCompass is housed in world-class hosting data centers that are ISO27001 certified and maintain SOC attestations. The company ensures that data is available through means of redundancies in the case of an outage and eliminates the risk of information loss. Network vulnerability scans are performed monthly, supplying standard classification to address vulnerabilities via a risk-based prioritized approach. The iCompass software provides robust access controls for logging onto the system, which includes minimum password length. Their clients have the flexibility to manage user permissions, documents, and meeting access, as required. Customers also have tools to audit public and staff member document access.

Their prime offering, Meeting Manager encompasses a full complement of tools to help clerks prepare agenda packets and items more efficiently prior to a council or committee meeting. The solution helps reduce agenda prep and minutes creation time by up to 50 percent. The Agenda Manager functionality allows clerks to use a drag-and-drop agenda builder to create packets that can be accessed and reviewed by government officials on any device and then they can send a packet to everyone with a single click.

We provide a governance management platform for local government to reduce agenda prep time and eliminate manual tasks involved in the meetings

Staff and citizens alike can access agendas, records, and reports of the meeting through easy searches. Any document or materials shared in the meeting or before can be stored and organized in the cloud with an easy-to-use online file storage tool. Taking it a step further, iCompass offers Meeting Manager Pro with elite features such as Board Manager and Video Manager. The former simplifies how local governments manage their boards, commissions and committees. Rather than being dependant on cluster of documents and spreadsheets to track a members terms or their work within the community or a new board application, the solution ensures staff and constituents can access the information from any device. Video Manager, integrated with YouTube, empowers local governments to share a video of any and all of their meetings with their citizens, thus creating a open and transparent environment with their constituents. Many local government agencies testify to the fact that iCompass has truly been the partner they have been looking for, one who has streamlined their work to the extent that they now have time to focus on matters more efficiently and maintain a higher standard of transparency with the public. One such instance is of Jurupa Area Recreation and Park District (JARPD), whose board administrators struggled with preparing for nearly 25 board meetings every year. Since the board was founded, the board meeting agendas were paper-based and often exceeded in 200 pages in length. They had previous experience with board portals, but iCompass stood out among the other solutions they had evaluated. Deploying iCompass’ governance management software platform was a quick and seamless experience, and it saved them at least eight hours of manual labor per month they historically devoted to just creating the board agendas. Today, directors and admins have attained increased communication and collaboration, and can easily search and access previous board documents with ease.

With a transparency-focused and mobile-first approach at the core of their offerings, iCompass is at the forefront of assisting governments to create a better and enhanced experience for its citizens. They provide the peace of mind clients need not only by providing second-to-none solutions but also adhering to all the important regulatory compliances in effect. The company plans to continue its work in delivering the accessibility and mobility that governments need in the coming years to serve their citizens in the best way possible. In an effort to do so, Community By Diligent, a new modernized solution has been introduced. It is an intuitive, easy-to-use agenda and meeting management software that enables local government organizations to achieve best-in-class governance.

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iCompass Technologies

iCompass Technologies

New York, NY & Kamloops, BC

Scott Neufeld, Director of Product Management

iCompass Technologies specializes in meeting and records management solutions for local governments that reduce agenda prep time by up to 50%. Their cloud-based software is designed to eliminate manual tasks in the meeting and records cycles that result in hours wasted by a local government's mostly highly paid staff. Their offerings includes Meeting manager that encompasses a full complement of tools to help clerks prepare agenda packets and items more efficiently prior to a council or committee meeting. Their solutions are developed with the public in mind ensuring information is more easily accessible online